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Spring Blossom | 24 piece Advent Calendar ***FREE SHIPPING for orders over $120***

Spring Blossom

Spring. The time of new beginnings. A time when new buds form and awaken into beautifully delicate blossoms. This eight petal flower origami box is a lovely reminder of this fleeting moment. And as a nod to this delightful season, the flower boxes are bathed in spring green (Pantone 353) and serene white.


The idea of the flower box is to bring delight through the act of discovery when opening a package. It has an octagonal base and eight flaps. When closed, it resembles a bud delicately cradling its precious contents. As it opens, the box mirrors a blossoming flower in spring gliding gracefully into full bloom to reveal its hidden treasures.

It is folded from one piece of special coated paperboard with a smooth matte finish on the exterior. All models are shipped in case quanities of 15 and come in a high quality cardboard box.


The distinctive form is easily recognizable and fosters spontaneous conversations. It has a self-locking mechanism that glides into close/open position with minimal effort for ease of manipulation. For comfort and stability, the shape and size of the box fits perfectly in the palm of the hands, while the octagonal sides make for better grip.

It is suitable for use as a trinket box, a reusable gift box in lieu of gift wrappers, packaging for wedding mementos, and anything else that requires a beautiful box.