Who We Are

APHINITEA |əˈfinitē|

noun ( pl. -teas): a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something

A full sensory experience starts with how we perceive the cover. Our goal is to reinvent the ubiquitous square box with geometric, single-cardboard, origami-inspired structures without sacrificing functionality. Aphinitea's unique packaging emphasizes the idea that good things come in beautiful packages, giving the extra umph that creates a truly memorable experience. Our designs may be ordered at this website, or via bulk orders at iwant@aphinitea.com


The story of Aphinitea started with the success of Guactruck, a well-regarded designer mobile eatery from Manila. The ergonomically designed food packaging of Guactruck attracted a sizable enthusiastic fan base across the globe. Realizing the need for clever and beautifully crafted boxes, we shifted our focus to packaging and extended the line beyond the food industry to include retail and events. That's how Aphinitea was born.

Aphinitea's aim is to redefine and elevate the typical square/rectangular box to a memorable interaction in its own right. The new company offers clever designer packaging that adds another facet of experience to its contents. We continue to review different structures and experiment with materials to expand our product selection and retain customer wonder and satisfaction.


What we want to achieve with Aphinitea is to create unique and memorable packaging that foster instant aphinitea with our patrons. We believe that packaging should not be discarded after the gift has been unwrapped, but something equally treasured as well. Each box may be used for different functions depending on who you are. It is an instant way to add something beautiful to your life.

— Michealle & Faith

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