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I need this Aphinitea design. How do I get it ASAP?

Upon checkout, you can choose to pay via Paypal or major credit cards. As with typical online shops, shipping is an additional fee, and it will be factored in your total cost. Shipping depends on your location. Aphinitea shoulders the shipping cost for orders exceeding 20 pieces.

Delivery Conditions

For orders up to 5 pieces, the boxes are shipped in folded position. Orders exceeding 5 pieces are shipped flat. Instructions on folding are included in the package and a video instruction can be seen on http://vimeo.com/66458605. We usually ship within 7 days after receiving the payment.

What if I want to buy A LOT of Aphinitea packaging for my awesome store?

For wholesale purchases and related material, you can contact us in iwant@aphinitea.com. Payment must be made through bank transfers.

How long does a shipment usually take to arrive?

Aphinitea is on beta phase. If you order your packaging now, you will receive it on the week of 24 June. We will send you an email to confirm your order and payment. Once the product has been dispatched, we will send your tracking number for the package.